Synthesis Development


Continuously grow to become an integrated and reliable property developer in Indonesia by providing continued value on an ongoing basis for customers, shareholders, partners, community, and other stakeholders.


All of our works are created with the utmost abilities. From our trusted office-workers, up to the technicians and engineers on-site, all are handpicked for their unrivalled skills.


We apply wisdom to all things we do to give high-quality products.


Innovation stands at the heart of who we are. From presenting the best ideas to providing creativity in the creativity in the construction of our properties, innovation takes center stage.


To be fair is to be effective. We always ensure that fairness is applied not only to our clients but also to all our valued stakeholders.

We, at Synthesis, take the art making of prestigious masterpieces very seriously. We invest in pushing the envelope and crossing the boundaries of architecture, engineering, and business to create stunning artworks of architecture. From commercial venues such as Plaza Semanggi in Jakarta and Festival City Link, Bandung, multi-function grounds like the Bali Nusa Dua Hotel & Convention to top-of-the-line residential projects such as Kalibata City, The Lavande, De Oaze and Urbana Place, all reflect how we take our projects seriously.

Furthermore, Synthesis is committed to delivering works of the highest quality for the complete and utter satisfaction of our clients and their subsequent customers. We are also obsessed with credibility: we strive to fulfil our commitments in the best, fastest and most effective ways as possible, to complete projects with the complete confidence of our clients and to over deliver our works. Lastly, Synthesis continually strives to evolve and to extend its core business to a variety of segments; should an opportunity present itself, we are devoted to introducing our next line of prestigious masterpieces.