Beauty Inside Eternal Loyalty

The Design

The apartment is crowned with Java’s accent: Batik Kawung, adorning modern facade beautifully, arranged uniquely.

Best of Both Worlds

Located between Jakarta’s central business districts, TB Simatupang and Sudirman, Synthesis Residence Kemang is also walking distance from the capital’s heart of entertainment, this is the place you have been dreaming of when the best of both worlds surround you.

The Tower

Twin Tower: Nakula and Sadewa

Total Units: 725 units in 2 HA area

Entering the drop-off area, a different atmosphere can be seen, a combination of building architecture, works of arts, and garden landscape. Bancak Doyok statue standing in front of the drop off lobby area conveys the work of art, part of the building design. Bancak Doyok itself symbolizes a sense of honesty. Adopting the ancient Javanese architecture, the lobby is designed as PENDOPO—a place to gather. Entering the lobby area, the atmosphere of tranquillity combines with a blend of contemporary interior design and the ancient Javanese.