Immediately feel the calm and comforting sense of “home, sweet home” when you walk into the serene atmosphere of the lobby at the end of a long day. Let your guests marvel at the depth of culture and history instilled in this welcome-entrance while they gladly wait for your reception.

Synthesis Residence Kemang allows you to celebrate life by always giving you a masterpiece in every finest way possible.

The dual-lobby concept develops the intimacy, privacy, and a sense of security inside your palace, where everyone will need an access card to enter the second lobby in the tower.

Embracing the same exquisite value and intricate details, the second lobby offers you a sanctuary-like space right in your entrance-path to instill a feeling of instant relief. The Kawung, indicates purity, eternal life, and the hope that people will always remember their origins, decorates the lobby and creates a warm and decorating the lobby and creating a warm welcoming atmosphere.

Amemangun karyenak tyasing sesama “Spreading happiness”

Spreading Happiness Be the person that makes others feel special. When you set this kind of standard for yourself, you begin to transform your life. You immediately become a better person.

“Laku hambeging tirta”

“ Be like water—connecting with others, not choosing favoritism, flowing down.”

“Wong menang iku won sing bisa ngasorake priyanggane dhewe“

It does not matter whether you are a winner or loser. Inner peace comes from within”

“Memayu hayuning bawana“

Creating world happiness When it comes to seeking happiness, the quality of the green space matters more than the quantity. Ideally, living close to green spaces is one way to combat stress.