Synthesis Residence Kemang


Stop at the heart of the kingdom where you have the main lobby with a reception on the main floor and function room on the upper floor. The Bancak Doyok statue stands in front of the drop-off lobby area, presenting you with an honest welcome-home dance everytime you return home. Adopting Rumah Joglo, the lobby connects the two towers providing tranquility through the ancient Javanese architecture combined with a blend of contemporary interior design. It provides the intimacy of a home for quality of life. Designed with the unique heritage wisdoproviedes your intimate home and quality of life. Synthesis Residence Kemang grants you the luxury of celebrating peace.

In the urban jungle, we spend 90% of our lives indoors, compromosing our health. And it is affecting our health, happiness, and well-being.

But in the kingdom of peace, we live to create happiness through not just quantity, but the quality of green outdoor space for you.

Synthesis Residence Kemang provides the solution of happiness, presenting “Tirta Astana”, a unique facility for you and your loved-ones. Tirta Astana embodies imagination and dreams as the paradigm for the presence of a beautiful garden and an elegant King’s residence. We understand that you deserve the best.

Synthesis Residence Kemang understands that even though each generation expresses themselves di erently, the same values define us. Build your family and begin your own tradition by merely looking after it for the next generation.

This high quality, sophisticatedly decorated
apartment provides a very comfortable atmosphere in which to spend your dream holiday. Whether you are looking for an action-packed holiday, a relaxing pool experience, water sports, wine tasting, exciting nightlife, great dining, and pristine nature, let Tirta Astana be your home base.